Below are notes on video editing using different soaftware packages.

See Cameras used for in-flight video for the cameras used.

Mini DV MD80 Video editing in Virtualdub

Vitualdub from sourceforge

The following screen dumps show the procedure to resize the video clip to remove the date and time, then resave the file with Windows Media Video 9 level compression.

This seems to give good results with a good level of compression without compromising quality. More tests are to be done.

Open the file to be edited (after it has been 'trimmed' in Ulead Photoexplorer. Then Goto Video on the top tool bar and select the Filter option. Scroll down to resize as shown below.


When you have selected and clicked Ok in the above. Click on 'Lettrebox/crop to size' in the Framing options as shown below. Put in 720 x 422 to remove the date and time at the bottom of the video. Then click OK.

The video then needs to be saved at a suitable level of compression or else it will be a LARGE AVI file! I have tested with Windows Media Video 9 and this seems ok.


After clicking OK, the screen should look similar to below. Both the original frame and the edited frame should be visible.


Save the file as 'Save old format AVI'. Not sure why at the moment, but this seems to work well and not create large AVI file sizes. More testing is required to determine the best method. When you select this, rename the file from the original and then it will be converted. Check the file size and quality.

See PRAT in flight April 2010_10001_resize_WMV9.avi for an example of the edited file. This is 2226KB.

Here is the original 'unedited' file that is 6592KB PRAT in flight April 2010_10001.AVI


Mustek video editing and conversion

The asf files that are created with the Mustek videos are not easily edited or played on Windows Media etc.

You need to convert and then edit/join

Sound samping is important as the default is crap and needs to be uprated from standard

asf join etc....