The set of images below track the developmet of the Broken Bank flying field fom1995 through to 2003. The original site is built up from landfill.
Waste paper ws used as a 'top soil' for new seed. As of 2010, the grass is well established and many birds (in partcular Skylarks) now share the site wih us!

Image below was taken back around 1995 using a single shot 35mm camera on the side of my Yamamoto. This shows the 'hut' in it's 'old' position before
relocation to the new plot slightly further out on the plot.

Images below show the development of the Broken Bank flying field from late 1999 to 2003 with the PRAT

Above image is late 1999

Above: Paper waste being added to the site. 19th January 2000

Above: More paper waste added. 26th January 2000

Above: Dad fling while the Dozer gets to work

Above: Paper waste is now bull dozed out and is level. 22nd March 2000

Above: Grass starting to appear. 7th July 2000

Above: Grass well established and cross strip added. Note that the central strip bulge is now obsolete. 15th August 2000

Above The Heli pad now in use. 24th March 2002

Above: The site as it was as of the 5th February 2003. The site has not changed much since (circa 2008). The Cross strip may now be reduced and the original central bulge may be restored in 2009. This is to allow cross field take off's and landings. The lower part ofthe cross stip is difficult to maintain and is not well liked or used.