Goldberg Super Chipmunk

This is the standard ‘Goldberg’ kit. I purchased it second hand back in the late 1990's and have begun to expand my aerobatic manoeuvres. The plane looks good in the sky, rather than a box with wings, and is rewarding to fly.

It can be flown docile or quite quick around the sky. It looks best doing scale manoeuvres. Engine is an OS FS61 and performs perfectly (a bit thirsty though). My Dad got one of his first aerial shots with this plane in the distance. You can see this image bekow.


Image below is the remains of the Chipmunk shown in the Hawk back in August 1999. The model failed in flight with the fuz breaking in two! Oil soakd structural failure was to blame. I think the worst of the oil soaking had been done before I had bought the model.


New World Models Super Chipmunk

In June 2010 I bought a World Models Super Chipmunk from Steve Webb Models. This was a replacement for my smashed up Spitfire. The model had it's first flight on 20th June 2010 at Broken Bank flying field.

The model flies very well and is very pleasing in the sky to look at too. I have fitted a Super Tiger 75, and that gives it more than enough power!! The Master Airscrew 13 x 8 prop is noisey and will be replaced soon.

Sadly I damaged the model on the 60th DMAC 2010 aniversay meeting....the wing is quite badly damaged.